Organics Studio – Manganese Dark Blue

Ink:  Organics Studio Manganese Dark Blue

Pens Used:  Sheaffer Demonstrator (Stub) and Lamy Al-Star (F)

Paper:  Georgia Pacific Premium Bright Paper (90g/m^2)

This is the most popular color made by Organics Studio, and for good reason. It has been around since the beginning of the company, and I don’t foresee it going anywhere anytime soon.  It is a very deep navy blue ink with a tint of green.  It performs well out of both pens, and flows perfectly, almost too wet.  It feels lubricated on the page and has some decent shading, despite being relatively saturated.  This ink is a must have for fans of blue/black inks.

On the chemical tests, the ink exhibited minimal water resistance, as it spread from the water drips, and smeared badly on the dip test.  Acetone had little effect, but the bleach nearly removed the ink entirely.  Only a ghost of the ink was left on the page.

Organics Studio Manganese

*Scan adjusted for color correctness

By Sean G.

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