Noodler’s – Legal Blue

Ink:  Noodler’s Legal Blue

Pens Used:  Mont Blanc 149 (F) and Lamy Al-Star (EF)

Paper:  Georgia Pacific Premium Bright Paper (90g/m^2)

This color really grew on me during the review.  When the ink comes out of the pen, it appears as an odd shade of greenish blue.  However, looking at it now, a few days later, it is a really nice blue. The ink flows about average out of both pens, and doesn’t have any issues coming out of the pen. There isn’t a whole lot of shading, and the ink isn’t overly saturated.  The real shining part of this ink is in the name, Legal Blue.  This is designed to be a contract ink, and performs really well for those uses.  Just take a look at the chemical tests.

On the chemical tests, the ink was almost entirely wash resistant to water and acetone.  The bleach is also almost entirely ineffective against this ink, which is really impressive.  This ink is archival quality, as designed.  For that it is worthy of 4-Stars.  The only improvement I’d ask is that it perform better from the pen.  It had the occasional dry spot/hiccup, and was particularly prone to nib creep in pens that don’t usually have that issue.

Noodler's Legal Blue

*Scan adjusted for color correctness

By Tyler T.

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